Recommendations and Tips for visiting Charleston, South Carolina

Dan and I had a wonderful time visiting Charleston, South Carolina. This was our first time visiting this beautiful city. Hopefully it won’t be our last.

I wanted to share a few of our favorite spots and some tips for this destination.

1. The Pineapple Fountain- 

It is located in Joe Riley waterfront park. It was such a nice sight to see.

2. Husk- 

This restaurant was incredible! Every single thing we ordered was delicious. The service and atmosphere was great too.

3. Tour Rides-

As much as I love horses, we opted for comfort on our tour. We took a bus tour instead of a horse drawn carriage. The seats were super comfortable, the bus was small and had air conditioning.

4. Le Macaron-

This lovely little French pastry shop had the most delicious macarons. My favorite was the lavender white chocolate. The coffee was so smooth and tasty.

5. Explore On Foot-

We had a lovely time just walking around and looking at all the houses and buildings. I really love architecture so this was one of my favorite activities. 

6. Historic Charleston City Market-

This market was really cool. They had a ton of things to grab for souvenirs or for just shopping in general.

7. Byrd’s Famous Cookies-

There were two locations that we came across. One was very close to the city market. I would highly suggest tasting the keyline pie cookie. Yum!!

I really loved Charleston, South Carolina, in April. The weather was very nice. It wasn’t too cold or too hot.

If you are planning on visiting, I hope you enjoy yourself!


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1 thought on “Recommendations and Tips for visiting Charleston, South Carolina

  1. Very good tips thank you!


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