Is Sugar Addictive?

I know the start of the New Year means New Year’s resolutions. A lot of people go for eating healthier and I think that is just great! Of course any time of the year is a good time to change your eating habits. But there is just something about the New Year.

Cookies, donuts, ice cream, caramel candies are just a few of my favorite sugar filled treats. I don’t want to say I can’t live without these but I think that was my mindset as a child and young adult.

I grew up with nutrition not being a priority. I don’t mean my parents didn’t try….. but back then, as long as we had something to eat, we were good.

I think my bad eating habits were huge part of deciding my college major, which was nutrition. I wanted to understand food, eating habits and nutrients much much better. I also think I really wanted to get out of the “trap” I was in. I did feel like I was hooked on junk foods, my favorites were of course, the sugary ones.

Sugar definitely contributes to the obesity epidemic, which lowers life expectancy. But is it actually addictive? Most will argue that it does not fit the definition of addiction. But then others will say it’s just as addictive as cocaine. So which one is it? Well, from what I’ve studied there is no conclusion. There have not been enough studies to test everything. We don’t know what happens if you add in education, income, access and culture.

There have been many tests done with rats and sugar water that are extremely interesting. But again there have not been enough variables put into place.

These days food is so refined and commercialised. Sugar “addiction” and emotional eating can go hand in hand. Here are a few sentences that are true in my life. Sugar is comforting. Sugar gives you energy. Sugar gives you a rush. Sugar makes you want more.

Sugar may be compared to caffeine or nicotine but not necessarily cocaine or heroin. I think that sugar can certainly feel like it’s addictive.

After a holiday or my birthday, I crave sugar for days. Knowing this I can mindfully act accordingly. For instance, I stock up on fruits and my favorite veggies after a holiday. I will add a small amount of honey to a bowl of fruit or make sure I have a smoothie every day. This is just so much better than a donut, nutritionally speaking.

I would never cut refined sugar out of my diet completely. Bakery treats are just too delicious.🤤 But I have drastically cut back on it. If you are thinking about doing this, go for it! You will feel so much better.

I wrote a blog post on How To Lose Weight The Right Way a while back.

Click ☝🏻 to read it.

I also referenced this article Sugar Addiction: From Evolution to Revolution to brush up on this particular subject. It is an interesting read.

Happy New Year!!


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  1. Great post!


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