Travel Safely with iFLY Smart Kits

Traveling has been a big part of my adult life. I am in Richmond, Virginia whenever I can be. My mom has lived there for a while now. I have also traveled to many other places. It was so fun to see London, Jamaica and a bunch of different States here in the US. This is me, happy as a clam when I get to travel!🤣

This year I have traveled a few times to see my family. I have to say it has been a bit nerve-racking. This global pandemic is just scary. These travel kits from iFLY have made it so much easier and safer for me and everyone around me.

iFLY Smart has been around since 2017 but we certainly need them now more than ever. I am so grateful for these kits.

They have three different Smart kits, the Healthy kit, the Clean kit and the Germ Free kit. The Healthy kit is my favorite one. Not only does it come with things to keep you safe. It also comes with things to keep you comfortable.🙌🏻

These kits are so important to keep you and your family safe. They are also helping to keep the spreading of germs away. They are also SO convenient. I’ve been taking at least two kits with me when I travel. The disposable face masks and antiseptic hand wipes are perfect. And they are not just for flying. These are great for road trips too.🚙

You can find iFLY kits on Amazon, at Walmart and Walgreens and on their website here.

Stay safe and healthy!


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