13 Things To Do While Social Distancing

Facetime with loved ones
Social distancing does not have to keep you from your friends and family. Set up a time to hop on a Zoom meeting, Facetime or Facebook video chat.

Reconnect with who you live with
Most of us live very busy lives and do not spend much time with the people we live with. Talk more, do a puzzle, play a board game or cook together. It will be fun!

Take care of yourself
Self care and self love is probably one of the best things you should be practicing right now. Give yourself a facial, a manicure, start a journal and do some yoga.

Take a walk or go for a long hike
Nature can be very calming. If you can, visit your favorite spot outside and spend some time there.

Try a new recipe
Why not try something new. You have so much time to get it perfectly right, or not! Have fun with it.

Clean out your closet
Do some Spring cleaning and organizing things around your house.

Learn something new
Why not try out a new hobby, learn a new language or rediscover an old hobby that you may not have had time for.

Stay active
Create an at home workout routine. Staying active will help you in SO many ways.

If it’s warm enough outside right now, start a garden. Or even a small one inside your house.

A lot of us have that one book sitting there, just waiting to be read. Maybe you’ve finished one chapter and never got back to it. Why not finish it now.

Dance like nobody is watching, even if they are. Enjoy it!

Listen to music
Listen to some old music you still love, find some new music and sing along!

Binge your favorite show
Learn to take it easy. Sit in front of the tv if you want. Watch a documentary!

In uncertain times like this, it is easy to get sucked into feeling awful and depressed. Take this time you have at home and truly enjoy it. Get to know yourself better, ease any anxiety you may have and relax.

This too shall pass.

Most importantly, stay home and safe safe.


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