How To Lose Weight The Right Way

Change your mindset
Diets don’t work. This is really important to understand. Have an open mind to change your lifestyle. Don’t expect your results to happen overnight. And leave those unrealistic goals in the past.

Be comfortable in your own skin
Not everyone is going to be a size 0. And that is okay. Try not to set a specific number goal. Go for something more like, I want to fit into my old jeans, before I had kids. Or I want to go down two belt notches. Make realistic goals and make small changes day after day to reach these goals. And if you can, kick the scale to the curb. If not, use it very little. Taking measurements is the way to go.

Nutrition is important
I know we’ve all heard this but it is so true, “you are what you eat.” When you drink and eat better, you feel better. I’ve tested this many times. Water. Water is SO important. I stopped drinking liquids that contain calories years ago (expect for coffee). I have one cup of coffee in the morning then I stick to water for the rest of the day. I also always notice when I am not consuming enough protein. I always feel hungrier than usual. Protein is easy to fit in.

Exercise is also important. It is a must in your life for so many reasons, including weight loss. It also releases endorphins and makes you feel better overall. If all you can do is take a short, slow walk a couple times a week, that is fine. If you are physically able, I would highly suggest strength training. Muscle burns fat! Consider a personal trainer even if it’s only for a few sessions. It is important to work out properly.

Here are two personal trainers that I love!

▪︎Nicole Bembridge


▪︎Andrew Lee – Draft Day Athletics


Don’t beat yourself up
You are going to slip up and have setbacks. This is okay and totally normal. Let it go and move on.

If you can only get to the gym 3 times a week, that is great. If you want to schedule a day where you don’t eat clean, that is fine. Find what works for you and stick to it!!

You and you alone are responsible for your health and wellbeing. If you have a friend or family member that can be your “healthy buddy”, then yay! But it comes down to YOUR choices ever single day.

Why did I write this blog post? I did go to school for nutrition. But I decided to write this coming more from my personal experiences. Before I started college I struggled with bingeing, anorexia, and over exercising. I do not wish these habits and disorders on anyone. They are extremely bad for your body. If you do see one of these patterns developing, speak to a professional.

And again, this is a lifestyle change. Be careful what habits you pick up because you want them to be sustainable. You can do it!!

These two photos are of me when I was extremely unhappy with myself. That smile is fake.

And these two photos are of me, happy as a clam, comfortable in my skin. Now, I’ve been working hard to get stronger and stronger.

Happy New Year!!


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