Summer Nights – They deserve the best knit sweaters.

Cool summer nights. That’s probably one of my favorite things ever. A light breeze blowing, comfy clothes on and maybe even a fire roaring nearby. Usually what I have with me is a light jacket or even better, a knit sweater. There’s something so comforting about knits. They have a slouchiness that make them so cute, flowy and as I said COMFY.

Wooden Ships is a company to admire. They have a casual yet chic style. And I have to say, the fit is just perfect. I’ve also read much more about this company and they are quite amazing.

This family owned and run company was founded in NYC in 1992. They have a no waste approach with great customer service. Their attention to detail and lasting quality has made me a loyal customer for life.

Wooden Ships also donates to many causes such as; Earth Justice, Environmental Defense and Wildaid along with much more.

My first (but definitely not my last) knit sweater from Wooden Ships is this white “Beach” one. I just love it. This will be a staple item for my summer!

I firmly stand by companies with a greater purpose. And Wooden Ships has just blown me away with all that they do. To check out all of their beautiful sweaters, click here! Feel free to use my 15% off discount code! “poshperspective15”.



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