Moroccan Magic – The best lip balm ever!

Every winter I’m always asking my friends and family “What can I use for my lips, they are so chapped!” A Facebook post asking the same question usually follows and then I just suffer with chapped lips for the rest of the cold months. This year my lips are still smooth and it is the end of January!

I cannot say enough good things about Moroccan Magic lip balms. First of all this company is cruelty free! I think I like that even more than my lips being silky smooth. It is also a clean beauty product, organic and non-toxic. What more could you want? Did I mention this is a woman-owned company. I just love it.

This has been one of my absolute favorite products to share because it is that amazing! Moroccan Magic is a boston-based company but you can get it nationwide at Walgreens, CVS and Bed Bath & Beyond. It is only $3.99 so why not try it? You won’t be disappointed. My favorite flavor is the lavender vanilla. But I highly recommend any flavor!



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